R1 273 (including delivery)

1X 3KGBrown SugarIllovo/Selati
1X1KGCremora Powdered coffee and tea creamerNestle 
1X2lOrange SquashBrookes Oros
1X5KGWhite Parboiled RiceExcella
1X3KGHand washing powder regularSunlight
1X3KGMacaroniFattis and Monis
1X450MLPetroleum jelly originalVaseline
1X50g100 Tagless tea bagsGlen 
1X2.5KGCake flourSnowflake
1X1KGTable saltCerebos
3X175GBath soapLux
1X100mlToothpasteColgate Triple Action
1X2lCooking oilSunfoil
8rolls1PLY toilet paperTwinsaver

NB: We can swap products in the combo for superior brands or larger sizes.

TOTAL R1 273