R2 730 (including delivery)

Unit Product Brand
1X10kg Parboiled rice Excella 
1X5L Cooking oil Sunfoil
1X3kg Macaroni Fettis and Monis
1X10kg Cake flour Snowflake
1X5kg Brown sugar Illovo
1X200s Tea tagless bags Glen
1X1kg Table salt Cerebos
12X410G Baked beans Rhodes 
1X1KG Popcorn Pride 
1X1,5kg Mayonnaise Nola
10 packs knorr soup Knorr
2X1kg Cremora coffe and tea creamer Nestle
1X200g  Baking powder Royal
1X5lt Orange squash Oros
1X5KG Washing powder 2 in 1 Sunlight
6X200g  Bathing soap Lux
1X400ml Lotion Vaseline
1X450ml Petroleum Jelly Vaseline
2X100ml Toothpaste-triple action Colgate
1X15s pack Toilet paper-1ply Twinsaver
1X750ml Dish washing liquid Sunlight

NB: We can swap products in the combo for superior brands or larger sizes.

R2 730