Combo 1


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-5kg white parboiled rice

-3kg brown sugar

-3kg sunlight hand washing powder

-3kg Fettis & Monis macaroni (Please not: This can be replaced by a 10kg Iwisa maize meal)

-2.5kg Snowflake cake flour

-2 litre Sunfoil cooking oil

-2 litre Oros orange squash

-1kg Cremora powdered coffee and tea creamer

-1kg Cerebos table salt

-450ml Vaseline Petroleum jelly

-100s Glen tagless teabags

-3x175g Lux bath soap

-1x100ml Colgate toothpaste

-5x50g knorr soap

-8rolls 1ply Twinsaver toilet paper

-6pack candles

NB: All Combos are inclusive of delivery costs



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